Packages & Prices of Slideshows & Children’s Storybook DVDs

General Information

Our packages consist of: Bronze(basic)/up to 49 print or digital/up to 2 songs/@ up to 4 min./$50
Silver/@50 to 99 print or digital photos/@4-6 songs/@5-10 min./$100
Gold/@99 to 174 print or digital photos/@6-9 songs/@10-18 min./$150
Platinum/@174-249 print or digital photos/up to 12 songs/@18-30 min./$200
Please allow reasonable amount of time of at least up to 2 weeks in advance for any big orders over 100 photos.

Children Storybook DVD/up to 20 print or digital photos
/up to 10 images
/up to 10 word pages
/usually 1 background music song
/Time varies depending on page time duration
/Flat rate fee of $25.

We also offer additional services such as Themed Wedding packages of up to 174 print or digital
photos which we can take at time of ceremony and reception or anytime during day of celebration.
Or we can put together from photos provided to us by bridal party or bridal photographer.
We offer unlimited title and caption pages, and up to @ 4-9 songs of your choice, usually played
at time of wedding ceremony or songs personal to Bride and Groom. These are synced to the
photos in slideshow. The time duration usually runs @ 10 to 18 min. long. We may also be able to insert video into slideshow.
Themed Wedding Package price is $150

We also offer more additional services to local and independent businesses there will have to be
a consultation to determine cost based on individual needs of business.


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