Hello! Let me introduce myself, my name is Julie Purpich and I am the owner/founder of Create A Moment Slideshows & Children’s Storybook DVDs.
I guess you could consider this a “hobby” business for me. I created my home business about a year ago, in 2012 when I accidentally stumbled into the free windows live movie maker and didn’t know one thing about creating slideshows(when I attended High School we didn’t have really cool classes
that taught you how to create slideshows like they do today) so I started from scratch and taught myself through trial and error. Best way to learn. I was told I had a knack for it so decided to start up my home business of bringing your still photos to life through my many programs and now I can even create some of my own transitions and I am always looking for more cool programs and unique ways to express your photos in a slideshow form. I came up with the idea to create children’s storybook DVDs because I have grandchildren and won literary awards when I was in school. I thought if anyone can go to the store and pay $20 for a talking book that doesn’t even feature their child’s own photos then surely there must be an open market for this type of service or product so voila! The birth of my idea for the children’s Storybook DVD, combining the slideshow format with the storybook format using your child’s pictures with them as the main character with a story formulated with each individual child in mind. No one storybook DVD is alike. Just like our kids. All different and original. I choreograph each slideshow and children’s storybook DVD to music of your choice, short video clips if desired, captions ( that can include poetry, awards, certificates, invitations, etc.) special effects, transitions, motion backgrounds, pan and zoom, and of course your precious pictures! I am always offering specials and am more than willing to work with each client to offer the best rates and payment options. I will periodically be displaying samples of my work for viewing. Weddings, memorials, birthdays, holidays, vacations, school(sports and activities) anniversaries, proposals, the possibilities are endless. What better way to capture some of your most memorable moments in life but in a slideshow professionally done to your specifications. So keep taking those snapshots and when your ready to display them remember a slideshow is always more fun to watch than storing them in an old dusty photo album.


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